The Reason Kids Dont Like Veggies

Mission Briefing

You are hereby re-commissioned into action by the authority of the President of the United States of Produce. There is a crisis ensuing that urgently requires your expertise. Reports of Zombie Vegetables first surfaced on the news, but have now been visually confirmed by reliable sources. Use this special cache of weapons to chop, impale, and splatter the enemy into oblivion. All you need is your military genius and an unlimited ammo supply. Your mission is simple: Find the source of the Zombie Vegetable threat and eliminate the target without prejudice. You have the lives of an entire nation of produce resting on your shoulders. Good luck! Your mission commences upon the end of this sentence.

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Campaign Co-op

Play 6 massive levels with your friends on the couch or online with friends across the world!

Engaging A.I.

Battle your way through hordes of intelligent, engaging Zombie Vegetables!

Distinct Game Experience

Enjoy a unique and distinct game experience with Action Packed Events!

New Take on Classic Beat-em-up

Experience a refreshing new take on a classic Arcade genre!

Immersive Musical Score

Feel the fear and excitement through an intensely immersive musical soundtrack!

Kitchen Warfare Technology

Hack, slash, blend, and shoot your way to absolute victory using cutting edge, Kitchen-based weaponry!

Who we are

At Continuum Studio, we are committed to the fusion of fun and learning. We make games that provide endless entertainment and discovery for kids of all ages. Our aim is to inspire the next generation by opening a portal into the imagination. This means developing information-rich games centered around everyday themes, like nutrition, health, genetics, science, and more.

Our vision is to change the way kids (and kid-like grownups) think about and play video games. We want to inspire and nurture future generations by providing highly enriching, larger-than-life experiences.

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